As the winter is getting colder, we all have a high risk of catching cold and flu, in-fact it is really very tough to survive a winter season without catching cold or flu, and most of us would already have caught cold this season. Cold or flu, which is caused by viruses, could be caught easily by touching any contaminated person or thing. However, we can’t stay isolated in fear of catching it. Thus, complete awareness and prevention are the best way of facing the viruses!

As per Ayurveda, Cold is:  known as Pratishaya, and is mainly caused due to vitiation of Kapha dosha. But other doshas can also be involved in it are:

  1. Vata dosha: Dry cough, little mucus discharge, hoarse voice, headache and a runny nose.
  2. Pitta dosha: Fever, sore throat, yellowish nasal discharge and continuous blockage of the nose.
  3. Kapha dosha: Thick mucus discharges with dull headaches and heaviness of the head.

The real cause of common cold according to Ayurveda is attributed to the dampening of the digestive for or agni and the cold weather, of course! As the temperatures start to dip outside, our immunity begins to plunge too.

In Ayurveda influenza is called Vatashalaishmika Jwara. As per Ayurveda during seasonal change equilibrium of dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) get disturbed because of change in weather or environment. If sufficient defense power is not there in the human body to resist this change this kind of diseases attack. Ayurveda says, a person with constipation problem and unhealthy nasal membrane or throat is more prone to this disease.

Causes of Flu/ Causes of Common Cold:

Common Cold causes mainly by 3 types of virus Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, RSV and parainfluenza.

  1. Rhinovirus:  This virus is most active in spring, and summer. They cause 10%-40% of colds.
  2. Coronavirus:This virus mostly active in winters and early spring. The coronavirus is the cause of about 20% of colds.
  3. RSV and parainfluenza: These viruses cause 20% of colds. They sometimes lead to severe infections, like pneumonia, in young children.

Flu is caused by Influenza Virus types A, B, and C causes the flu.

  1. Type A and B viruses cause the large seasonal outbreaks.
  2. Type C usually causes milder respiratory symptoms.

Some symptoms of Flu and Cold are common, so how do you know if you have a cold or flu: we have listed the symptoms below for your ease:


HealthyLifestyle and Prevention tips to fight against Common Cold/Fu:

  1. Start your day with two glasses of warm water which saves you from cold and flu.
  2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to keep your body strong, nourished, and ready to fight infection. Stick with whole grains, colorful vegetables (green vegetables), and vitamin-rich fruits (papaya, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens).
  3. Eat very simple foods; your digestion is at an all-time low during sickness and overtaxing it with heavy foods will lead to increased sickness. Healthy options include oatmeal, kitchari (click here for recipe), homemade chicken soup, basmati rice, and chicken broth, etc. Avoid dairy, meat (broth is better!), ALL sugar except small amounts of honey, raw or cold foods, cold beverages, and all processed foods
  4. Do not fast during winter it makes your body weakens and the body’s defenses.
  5. Eat a timely lunch and an early dinner for good digestion.
  6. Sleep on time because restful sleep builds essential energy level  or “ojas”, which helps in to boost immunity in our body.
  7. Rest as much as possible (sickness is often your body telling you to slow down).
  8. Annual flu vaccination is compulsory.
  9. Sneezing and coughing into tissues then throw the tissue away immediately and then wash your hands.
  10. Not sharing cups, plates and cutlery if someone is sick.
  11. Washing your hands regularly and properly with soap and water, particularly after touching your nose or mouth, and before eating food.
  12. Keep household surfaces clean.
  13. Use paper towels.
  14. Cover your mouth and nose.
  15. Stay home when you are sick.
  16. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  17. Take one Red Apple and 4 cloves and boiled in warm water.Onces done remove the clove and drink the delicious drink which will help you to protect form Common Cold/Flu.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Fight Flu and Cold:

  1. Ginger Juice: Ginger is also great for fever; it is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and a powerful expectorant just to name a few.This remedy is sure to penetrate through the dull heaviness that accumulates in the stomach, increase the digestive force, and clear out any toxins in the gut.
                  Dosage: Drink this every 3-4 hours during illness or as much as needed.
  2.  Tulsi, Turmeric and Ginger Tea for fever, cold, or flu:Mix the entire ingredient in equal amount because the entire ingredient is very strong ayurvedic remedy to fight illness.Fever, sore throat, cold, nausea, or a full-fledged flu. I would suggest making a strong batch of this in the morning and drinking it consistently throughout the day.
                Dosage: Drink this tea at the first sign of sickness, 1-3 times daily.
  3.  Gaozaban (Onosma ): The mix of 4g of Gaozaban leaves (Onosma), 6gm of seeds of Khatmi (Althaea), 4gm of  root of Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza) and 5 numbers of Unnab (Ziziphus). Boil all the ingredients in 250 ml water until it reduced to half, strained and  add little amount of sugar.
               Dosage: This medicine may be taken twice daily to combat Flu and cold.
  4. Sonth: Take the powder of Kakra singhi, mixed with equal parts of powder of Sonth (dried root of Zingiber officinale)             Dosage: Take 5g of this powder thrice a day.10 ways to cure cold and flu


Herbal Medicine to Cure Cold and Flu:

1. Joshanda: Joshanda drug, the mixture of unani medicinal herbs is quite effective against cough, cold, fever, sore throat, chronic bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough.

Dosage: Joshanda should be consumed once every day.

2. Joshina: Joshina is an important herbal medicine for cough, cold and sore throat and Flu.

Dosage: 10 ml of Joshina, mixed with 100 ml of warm water to be taken before breakfast and at bed time. In case of sore- throat and cough, the dose is to be licked.

3. Majun Itrifal Ustukhuddus: The main action of Itrifal Ustukhuddus is on brain and Common Cold, Flu, etc.

Dosage: The dosage of Itrifal Ustukhuddus is about 5 to 10 grams (1 to 2 teaspoons) a day. One should take it preferably with milk at bedtime.

4. Majun Itrifal ZamaniIt is useful in Cold & Catarrh, Headache,Flu.

Dosage: 5–10 grams to be taken at bed time with water or milk.

5. Barshasha: It is a special unani medicine for cold and Flu.

Dosage: This unani medicine should be taken once in day and in severe case dose can be

6. Saduri syrup: Saduri cough syrup is an herbal unani product, known to cure whooping cough, acute bronchitis, cold, Flu and other respiratory problem.

Dosage: Adults: 10ml (2 teaspoonful) twice a day. Children: 5ml (1 teaspoonful) twice a day.



Lifestyle changes, regular exercise, changes in food habits etc. are major factor through which cold and Flu affects us. We have tried our best to provide home remedies and herbal medicines information for curing cold and flu which have proven a effective time and again. Hope they will be a helpful to you too.

For further information regarding this topic, or any medicine, do message us or share suggestions/questions in the comment boxes.


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